I see myself in Reply 1997 : The unstoppable fangirl!!

The oldies are back! It’s a vintage drama that could bring back a flood of memories among viewers. Reply 1997 is a drama that aims to take 1st generation idol fans back to the times of H.O.T. and Sechs Kies, took set in Busan of the 1990s. Those who weren’t hardcore H.O.T. fans back in the day may have a hard time understanding some of the scene, so the producers are putting in the extra effort to help others understand this culture.

This drama is really reflection of a fangirl whether it’s in the past or the present, fangirl is fangirl. As a fangirl I can relate everything in Reply 1997 with myself, tho my era was started on 2nd generation idol (DBSK, Super Junior, SS501), in 1997 I was still in elementary school and was into Backstreet Boys and Boyzone that time. In Reply 1997, the female lead SiWon’s (Jung Eunji) nick is ‘the one and only Ahn Seung’s (H.O.T Tony’s real name) Wife’,lol.. guess what’s my nick back in 2007? Continue reading