My top 5 Kdramas list : Fantasy, Fairy, Saeguk, & Sadlove-story.

Some say that you can get to know a person through her likes and perceptions,  and bcos my love for K-drama is indefinable, so here I bring list of drama since 1999, actually I don’t really like dramas that forces me to think hard bout it’s story, can just call me lazy or am I really stupid,lol..I prefer a romantic-comedy drama, so don’t put high hope for my list of drama.

Here is a list of my top 5 Korean dramas that I’ve watched to completion. At first, I just want to list my top 5, but I become more greedy as there are too many good dramas that hooked me till now, so I just listed it according to it’s genre, ahahah.. xD

– Fairy

You can’t separate Korean dramas with secret birth or one of the most frequently appearing character-types in Kdrama, a “chaebol.” Kdrama feature many moneyed people, it’s interesting to watch the fantasy world of people living out a different lifestyle from our own than those of everyday ordinary folks.

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[Interview] Yoo Inna,”I’d pay visit twice a month if my boyfriend was serving in the army!”

Yoo In Na discusses “Secret Garden”, singing, and her past

On February 10th, actress Yoo In Na guested on YTN’s “News & People” and heated up the hearts of her soldier fans by revealing that she’d visit twice a month if her boyfriend was serving in the army.

The actress was asked what she thought about her fellow castmate on “Secret Garden,” Hyun Bin, enlisting in the marines, to which she replied, “If I had a boyfriend like Hyun Bin that voluntarily enlisted in the army, I would probably tell him that I was proud of him.” Continue reading

[Vid|Trans] tvN E news : Yoo Inna’s 5 Secret Keywords – Part 1!

Tadaaaa~ this time I just finished trans Yoo Inna’s show from tvN E news : Yoo Inna‘s Secret Keywords (120613). If I hv time I’ll make sub for it later. I tried to trans it with the most decent words, so please excuse me for any mistake..
Watch the vid part 1 : click here


00:01 Narration : TVQX’s keyword The best Idol, IU’s keyword The national little sister, Suzy’s keyword The first love icon..

Words that symbolize the stars .. “Keywords
(In Korea, there’s called ‘top search’,referring to something that were trending that time, and keywords is tied to that someone on
But there’s not only one keyword that describes a star!
New connections to meet the stars..

Time to revealed The Star’s secret stories! ‘Secret Keywords’

00:43 Today’s Secret Keywords heroine : Elastic facial skin..voluminous body.. and voice that overflowing with aegyo!

Aegyo voice from Happy Together : “Dad are you there?Dad?Are you here Dad?”

The 3 sets of charm that has intensely captivated all men.

01:08 2012, 7th June <Queen Inhyun’s Man> Ji Hyunwoo’s sudden conffesion during CGV finale episode!
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[Vid|Eng] The Discovery of Life – Ji Hyunwoo’s cut at Gag Concert (02.26.2012)

I just finished this gag concert, it’s hilarious!!hahah..wish he could sing “I’m in Love” a bit longer,hiks.. =’|

I would also break up with my bf if it’s for JHW!!ahahah.. xD

Anyway, have a good watch ^^

direct link : (Turn on CC for engsub)

Next, I’ll trans,mmmmh.. I dunno, let’s see what I can find,ㅋㅋㅋ

[Greatest Love Story] Yoo Inna’s Man Diary : A fate that started at a gap in time~

[Narration by Yoo In na]
2002 – This story began when my friend Park Jun Shik (The Nuts leader), introduced me to his friend..Ji Hyunwoo, he was a member of The Nuts at that time. He was so tall, has small face, and lovely eyes smile, that was my first impression for him. =)

A chance meeting that started at a gap in time. That meeting already ended 9 years ago…”~joonni~

2002-2012 : 9 years passed, once upon a time unintentionally he pass by to my radio show and suddenly gave me his signed CD (his first solo album) during broadcast, cos it’s my first time, i didn’t know what i should do after receiving the gift.., so I just thanked him like that.

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[Vid|Trans|Eng] Star Date Yoo Inna & Ji Hyunwoo Star Golden Bell…

I guess u guys already knew what current drama that has took all my attention this time,hehehe,,Yes it’s Queen Inhyun’s Man syndrome!!

First, congrats to Yoo Inna & Ji Hyunwoo now that they’re officialy has becme a couple. You don’t know how happy I am. =’) /tears of joy/

As usual, once I got hooked I’ll dig up all it’s casts varshow,lol.. This time I’ll trans Yoo Inna’s Star date back in last January,lol..
and below there’s link to JHW’s Star Golden Bell, I love how consistent JHW, he always say that he like older girl, cos older girl is in a rush (of serious relationship),lol..

Next, I’ll trans Ji Hyunwoo at Gag concert. =)
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[Fancam] Super Show 3 in Singapore 1st day!

Just managed to upload some short fancams from 1st day concert (totally forgt that I hv some fancam from sushow, SHINee, and 2PM concert, were too focus with CNBLUE xD ), sorry for the quality I converted it a bit, it’s too big to upload with snail connection. On 1st day I was in tribune on the right side, will upload fancam from 2nd day later it’s more focus n clear since I was in standing zone. (P.S: I managed to touch Siwon, Kyu, n Eeteuk!!kyaaaaa) xD

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