The Romantic & Idol Season 2 OST and BGM compilation

The Romantic & Idol Season 2 Episode 1
It’s been a while, isn’t it?! R&I Season 2 chemistry just didn’t work for me so I have to forced myself to watch the show just to compiled the ost and BGM. Really, in season 2 I can’t find any sweet moment like heart-thumping-insert-ost-full-house-in-the-background moment, or im-going-to-be-a-bit-rude-nuna moment. So with this post lets say goodbye to R&I and please welcome MBC “Dad! Where Are We Going?” (too cute to handle) and “Real Men” (yea, cos Hyungsik just joined the show),heheh..

Season 2 casts : G.Na., Jewelry Kim Yewon), SPICA Yang Jiwon, Two-X Eunyoung, FT. Island Choi Jonghoon, Ze:A Kevin, VIXX N, BtoB Lee Minhyuk.

Check R&I season 1 ost & BGM here.

Ep. 8 : All The Good Things Must Come To An End

1. Kent – Socker (Opening)
2. Coldplay – The Scientist
3. AOA – Happy Ending (Final selection: Jun. K <-> Hyejeong)
The Romantic & Idol 8
4. Love Actually OST – Glasgow Love Theme (Seung Ah waiting for final selection)
5. Narsha (BEG) – I’m In Love (Final selection: JB <-> Seung Ah TT__TT )
6. The Weather Forecast (일기예보) – A Doll’s Dream
7. The Holiday OST – Cry
8. MBLAQ (Scent Of A Woman OST) – You and I (Final selection: Mir <-> Jei)
9. No Reply – Never Ending Song (Unfinished Song)
10. Pearl Harbor OST – And Then I Kissed Him (Final selection: Hyungsik <-> Jihyun)
11. Ze:A – Daily Daily (Hyungsik said he’ll give Jihyun new necklace later,aaaaaw.. *blushing* o^,^o)
12. Two Months – The Romantic (R&I ost)
13. David Foster – Love Theme From St. Elmo’s Fire
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[Interview with Park Hyungsik] Idol’s date “The Romantic”, how ‘real’ is it?

In the past, member of an idol group have an “unwritten rule” for dating, that it can’t be made public, or they even have to pretended not to know each other. In the old days if those oppas and unnies caught in a picture together, it might cause a love scandal, but now it has changed. Member of an idol group can date on public or even announced their marriage. And tvN took the advantage on this change of reality.

We thought that with the idol group’s overlap activities there’s an opportunity for them to get along since they often to run into each other, but apparently it wasn’t well. Rather than “friends” there are more “colleagues” to maintain a proper distance. Thus you can found in <The Romantic & Idol> that is oriented for an ‘internal-date’ like love at the set. So let’s hear ZE:A Park Hyungsik‘s behind the story of 4 days and 3 nights in Jeju who has received a lot of attention on <The Romantic & Idol> season 1.

I can’t watch the broadcast, my hands and feet were shrivel [nervous and shy], (laugh) all of the peoples around me said it was fun. They said want to be appeared (in the show) as well. The members say it seems to be a good encounter. The 8 casts are very nice and gentle, and the program seems so cooperative. The show want to put into the cast’s true feelings. Everyone is different but they have their own charm.

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The Romantic & Idol ost. & BGM compilation


One of the reason why I love this show is cos they chose sweet, and romantic songs/ instrumentals for the BGM. I compiled almost all the song in the show, pardon if I missed some songs. If you happen knw more song on this show, please share it on the comment section, thank you in advance. Click on the title for the link (either download link or youtube link). So here you go ^^ :

Prologue : The Verve – Bitter Sweet symphony

Ost part 1 : Two Month – The Romantic
Ost part 2 : Jeongyub (Brown Eyed Souls) – I want to Kiss
Ost part 3 : Navi – I Think You’re My Love
Ost part 4 : ZE;A – Beautiful Lady

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