The Romantic & Idol Season 2 OST and BGM compilation

The Romantic & Idol Season 2 Episode 1
It’s been a while, isn’t it?! R&I Season 2 chemistry just didn’t work for me so I have to forced myself to watch the show just to compiled the ost and BGM. Really, in season 2 I can’t find any sweet moment like heart-thumping-insert-ost-full-house-in-the-background moment, or im-going-to-be-a-bit-rude-nuna moment. So with this post lets say goodbye to R&I and please welcome MBC “Dad! Where Are We Going?” (too cute to handle) and “Real Men” (yea, cos Hyungsik just joined the show),heheh..

Season 2 casts : G.Na., Jewelry Kim Yewon), SPICA Yang Jiwon, Two-X Eunyoung, FT. Island Choi Jonghoon, Ze:A Kevin, VIXX N, BtoB Lee Minhyuk.

Check R&I season 1 ost & BGM here.

Ep. 8 : All The Good Things Must Come To An End

1. Kent – Socker (Opening)
2. Coldplay – The Scientist
3. AOA – Happy Ending (Final selection: Jun. K <-> Hyejeong)
The Romantic & Idol 8
4. Love Actually OST – Glasgow Love Theme (Seung Ah waiting for final selection)
5. Narsha (BEG) – I’m In Love (Final selection: JB <-> Seung Ah TT__TT )
6. The Weather Forecast (일기예보) – A Doll’s Dream
7. The Holiday OST – Cry
8. MBLAQ (Scent Of A Woman OST) – You and I (Final selection: Mir <-> Jei)
9. No Reply – Never Ending Song (Unfinished Song)
10. Pearl Harbor OST – And Then I Kissed Him (Final selection: Hyungsik <-> Jihyun)
11. Ze:A – Daily Daily (Hyungsik said he’ll give Jihyun new necklace later,aaaaaw.. *blushing* o^,^o)
12. Two Months – The Romantic (R&I ost)
13. David Foster – Love Theme From St. Elmo’s Fire
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My Top 10 Catchy K-pop song for Non-kpop

kpop-jpgFyi, catchy song is a song that grabs you instantly, with an easy to remember melody line or generic lyrics you can easily relate to, or remember. Or a song you can’t get out of your head, regardless if you like it or not. If beauty is in the eye of beholder, so does catchy song is in the ear of audiences. Below are the list of song that most of my non-kpop colleague and family instantly addicted to.

10. GLAM – I Like That

9. Sistar – Give It To Me

8. Lee Hyori – U Go Girl

7. Wonder Girl – Nobody

6. Sistar – Loving U

5. 2NE1 – Please Don’t Go

4. SHINee – Ringdingdong

3. Rania – Dr. Feel Good

2. Secret – Madonna

1. CNBLUE – Loner

Plus, the most favorite song for drama addict:
Korean childrens song – Three Bear Song

P.S : I didn’t include Psy’s Gangnam Style cos its already worldwide known.

The Romantic (& Idol): could romance really blossom by similar tastes?not the appearance?!


So, how did I end up watch this shows? I accidentally watch the show while waiting new drama to come, and surprisingly this show is beautifully shot, with romantic script, picturesque set, beautiful casts, in word “my heart is flutter”. The show has a very romantic feel, there were plenty of heart pounding, at times, toe curling moments to spare. it’s like watching drama with your emotional involved,, it’s been a while since i felt this way, feels like wanna fall in love again,lol

tvN is really no joke, for 1st season they took place in Croatia (am loss for word to describe how beautiful the shot they took *O*), 2nd season was in Turkey, and the current season ‘The Romantic’, which featured non-celebrity bachelors and bachelorettes previously, has decided to air a spin-off, ‘The Romantic & Idol‘, for its third season. This season was in Jeju island due to the idol’s tight schedule it’s impossible to go abroad, they even have to shortened to 4 days 3 nights. The first idol season was featuring 2PM‘s Jun.K, 4minute‘s Nam Jihyun, MBLAQ‘s Mir, ZE:A‘s Hyungsik, JJ Project‘s JB, Rainbow‘s Seung Ah, FIESTAR‘s Jei, and AOA‘s Hyejeong – wrapped up filming in October on Jeju Island.


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My top 5 Kdramas list : Fantasy, Fairy, Saeguk, & Sadlove-story.

Some say that you can get to know a person through her likes and perceptions,  and bcos my love for K-drama is indefinable, so here I bring list of drama since 1999, actually I don’t really like dramas that forces me to think hard bout it’s story, can just call me lazy or am I really stupid,lol..I prefer a romantic-comedy drama, so don’t put high hope for my list of drama.

Here is a list of my top 5 Korean dramas that I’ve watched to completion. At first, I just want to list my top 5, but I become more greedy as there are too many good dramas that hooked me till now, so I just listed it according to it’s genre, ahahah.. xD

– Fairy

You can’t separate Korean dramas with secret birth or one of the most frequently appearing character-types in Kdrama, a “chaebol.” Kdrama feature many moneyed people, it’s interesting to watch the fantasy world of people living out a different lifestyle from our own than those of everyday ordinary folks.

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[Interview] Yoo Inna,”I’d pay visit twice a month if my boyfriend was serving in the army!”

Yoo In Na discusses “Secret Garden”, singing, and her past

On February 10th, actress Yoo In Na guested on YTN’s “News & People” and heated up the hearts of her soldier fans by revealing that she’d visit twice a month if her boyfriend was serving in the army.

The actress was asked what she thought about her fellow castmate on “Secret Garden,” Hyun Bin, enlisting in the marines, to which she replied, “If I had a boyfriend like Hyun Bin that voluntarily enlisted in the army, I would probably tell him that I was proud of him.” Continue reading

[Vid|Trans] tvN E news : Yoo Inna’s 5 Secret Keywords – Part 1!

Tadaaaa~ this time I just finished trans Yoo Inna’s show from tvN E news : Yoo Inna‘s Secret Keywords (120613). If I hv time I’ll make sub for it later. I tried to trans it with the most decent words, so please excuse me for any mistake..
Watch the vid part 1 : click here


00:01 Narration : TVQX’s keyword The best Idol, IU’s keyword The national little sister, Suzy’s keyword The first love icon..

Words that symbolize the stars .. “Keywords
(In Korea, there’s called ‘top search’,referring to something that were trending that time, and keywords is tied to that someone on
But there’s not only one keyword that describes a star!
New connections to meet the stars..

Time to revealed The Star’s secret stories! ‘Secret Keywords’

00:43 Today’s Secret Keywords heroine : Elastic facial skin..voluminous body.. and voice that overflowing with aegyo!

Aegyo voice from Happy Together : “Dad are you there?Dad?Are you here Dad?”

The 3 sets of charm that has intensely captivated all men.

01:08 2012, 7th June <Queen Inhyun’s Man> Ji Hyunwoo’s sudden conffesion during CGV finale episode!
JHW : “The thing that will make menboong (mental breakdown) today is..I love Yoo Inna-ssiContinue reading