I see myself in Reply 1997 : The unstoppable fangirl!!

The oldies are back! It’s a vintage drama that could bring back a flood of memories among viewers. Reply 1997 is a drama that aims to take 1st generation idol fans back to the times of H.O.T. and Sechs Kies, took set in Busan of the 1990s. Those who weren’t hardcore H.O.T. fans back in the day may have a hard time understanding some of the scene, so the producers are putting in the extra effort to help others understand this culture.

This drama is really reflection of a fangirl whether it’s in the past or the present, fangirl is fangirl. As a fangirl I can relate everything in Reply 1997 with myself, tho my era was started on 2nd generation idol (DBSK, Super Junior, SS501), in 1997 I was still in elementary school and was into Backstreet Boys and Boyzone that time. In Reply 1997, the female lead SiWon’s (Jung Eunji) nick is ‘the one and only Ahn Seung’s (H.O.T Tony’s real name) Wife’,lol.. guess what’s my nick back in 2007? Continue reading


[Vid|Trans] tvN E news : Yoo Inna’s 5 Secret Keywords – Part 1!

Tadaaaa~ this time I just finished trans Yoo Inna’s show from tvN E news : Yoo Inna‘s Secret Keywords (120613). If I hv time I’ll make sub for it later. I tried to trans it with the most decent words, so please excuse me for any mistake..
Watch the vid part 1 : click here


00:01 Narration : TVQX’s keyword The best Idol, IU’s keyword The national little sister, Suzy’s keyword The first love icon..

Words that symbolize the stars .. “Keywords
(In Korea, there’s called ‘top search’,referring to something that were trending that time, and keywords is tied to that someone on search.red)
But there’s not only one keyword that describes a star!
New connections to meet the stars..

Time to revealed The Star’s secret stories! ‘Secret Keywords’

00:43 Today’s Secret Keywords heroine : Elastic facial skin..voluminous body.. and voice that overflowing with aegyo!

Aegyo voice from Happy Together : “Dad are you there?Dad?Are you here Dad?”

The 3 sets of charm that has intensely captivated all men.

01:08 2012, 7th June <Queen Inhyun’s Man> Ji Hyunwoo’s sudden conffesion during CGV finale episode!
JHW : “The thing that will make menboong (mental breakdown) today is..I love Yoo Inna-ssiContinue reading

[Greatest Love Story] Yoo Inna’s Man Diary : A fate that started at a gap in time~

[Narration by Yoo In na]
2002 – This story began when my friend Park Jun Shik (The Nuts leader), introduced me to his friend..Ji Hyunwoo, he was a member of The Nuts at that time. He was so tall, has small face, and lovely eyes smile, that was my first impression for him. =)

A chance meeting that started at a gap in time. That meeting already ended 9 years ago…”~joonni~

2002-2012 : 9 years passed, once upon a time unintentionally he pass by to my radio show and suddenly gave me his signed CD (his first solo album) during broadcast, cos it’s my first time, i didn’t know what i should do after receiving the gift.., so I just thanked him like that.

Although I still remembers the encounter from 9 years ago, but he seemed to have forgotten. Continue reading

[updated] Preview of World Date with Kim Bum

Awal April kemarin telah dikabarkan tentang special program yang berjudul World Date with Kim Beom. Dalam rangka memeriahkan 7th year anniversary nya KBS World around the world, mereka mempersembahkan special program dengan 5 lucky fans dari Asia yang akan melakukan perjalanan 4Day 3Night dari Seoul ke Jeju Island dan hang out dengan Kim Bum.
*jealous tingkat tinggi!!hwaaaa.. Continue reading

[Updated] All music program and variety shows will resuming this week

Dengan berakhirnya masa berkabung atas tragedi CheonAhn naval ship sinking, kebanyakan dari variety broadcast termasuk MBC Show Music Core akan digantikan dengan special broadcast.

Dan juga telah dikonfirmasi bahwa variety shows untuk KBS dan SBS akan mulai tayang kembali normal seperti biasanya mulai minggu ini. Continue reading

“We Got Married” will Resume Broadcasting this Week!

Horaiy.. minggu ini MBC akan mulai menayangkan semua jadwal acaranya kembali normal, episode baru Music Core dan WGM akan ditayangkan minggu ini. Tapi akan ada perubahan schedule,gatau jam tayang nya yang berubah atau mungkin jam tayang WGM akan lebih lama alias 3 episod berturut-turut ngebayar yang kemarin,hwahahahah..(tadahin dua tangan,berdoa!!AMIN!!). =D Continue reading