[Interview with Park Hyungsik] Idol’s date “The Romantic”, how ‘real’ is it?

In the past, member of an idol group have an “unwritten rule” for dating, that it can’t be made public, or they even have to pretended not to know each other. In the old days if those oppas and unnies caught in a picture together, it might cause a love scandal, but now it has changed. Member of an idol group can date on public or even announced their marriage. And tvN took the advantage on this change of reality.

We thought that with the idol group’s overlap activities there’s an opportunity for them to get along since they often to run into each other, but apparently it wasn’t well. Rather than “friends” there are more “colleagues” to maintain a proper distance. Thus you can found in <The Romantic & Idol> that is oriented for an ‘internal-date’ like love at the set. So let’s hear ZE:A Park Hyungsik‘s behind the story of 4 days and 3 nights in Jeju who has received a lot of attention on <The Romantic & Idol> season 1.

I can’t watch the broadcast, my hands and feet were shrivel [nervous and shy], (laugh) all of the peoples around me said it was fun. They said want to be appeared (in the show) as well. The members say it seems to be a good encounter. The 8 casts are very nice and gentle, and the program seems so cooperative. The show want to put into the cast’s true feelings. Everyone is different but they have their own charm.


They were planned to travel to Norway, however who could join it. Those peoples who are busier than anyone else in Korea, Kpop singer. Because they can’t fit with the schedule finally they decided to stay in Jeju for 4 days and 3 nights. “It’s not singer Park Hyungsik, rather than as a 22 y.o Park Hyungsik meeting with the hyung, noona, dongsaeng and it feels good“.  Park Hyung-sik said as he laughed “Although the 8 peoples already returned to their daily routine, we still chat on kakaotalk group. If we meet again for a schedule I feel so happy“.

Before heading to Jeju Island, the female and male participants had no idea who was the other participants. Park Hyungsik only know  Jun. K (2PM), JB (JJ Project), and Mir (MBLAQ). Park Hyungsik said “With Jun. K hyung I’ve greeted him before, and I’m familiar with Mir, cos JB is a dongsaeng so I was thinking ‘it would be fine’ .


Park Hyungsik who from the beginning to the end been paired with 4Minute Nam Jihyun, on the broadcast he confessed “After the 3rd meeting, I was thinking ‘this is the person’.” When asked “Did you just decide only after the 3rd meeting?” he replied “It was the third day of the four days and three nights. The day after is already the final choice.” Then continued “We met for the 3rd times after the clothes selection and after all the various ‘shuffle’ selection. I really had no idea that I would go out with Jihyun noona again.“It was really amazing, I thought ‘in life there’s a chance to occurrence of such a thing’, instead of feeling scrambled it will just make things complicated.”

During the 4 days and 3 night feeling may have occured, but it’s too early to fall in love. Especially because I’m not the style who can fall at the first sight. I observed a lot. Like how’s her personality, and what’s her thought are the important thing that I’m curious of. Personality come from an unconscious mind. I honestly don’t believe in fate. I think fate is created by ourselves. However I was surprised by the shuffle selection. Although it has no great meaning, but I cherished this destiny.


After watched <The Romantic & Idol> there’s left this big question. So to what extent is the script, and how real was it. Variety show <We Got Married> even wasn’t that real. After coming back from <We Got Married> Kwanghee’s housewarming party , Park Hyungsik said “There’s different feeling between the two program.”

<The Romantic & Idol> took the shoot from a far, cos they don’t want to hinder the filming. ‘It feels like there is no camera’ in this senses. In fact, there’s no script given to us, just a draft. To the extent ‘wake up at 12 AM then going on date till 12 AM again.’ We were dating on our own, so it felt so much fun. I recalled the memories when I was child went on a trip to Jeju, we took the submarine and also went to a lot of places I’ve never visited before. I envy Mir who got to see the dolphins.(laugh)

Park Hyungsik who look more naive than the ZE:A maknae, however thru <The Romantic & Idol> he was reborn as a ‘man’, also as a gentleman. “I think it’s so nice that I could showed a man side, thank you so much for that.” Following The Romantic & Idol season 2, we’re already curious whether will there be the next “charming” Park Hyungsik.

Translated by omonOona@noonacorner.wordpress / naraejoha@twitter
Source : Oh MyStar


There’s interview part 2 “Park Hyungsik the ‘Chaebol-idol’..”, I’m not sure whether I’ll trans it or not, let see later.


2 thoughts on “[Interview with Park Hyungsik] Idol’s date “The Romantic”, how ‘real’ is it?

  1. Thank you for the wonderful article.. Even though Season 1 has been ended quite awhile, i still miss Hyungsik ❤ Jihyun together.. I will search their clips on YT like everyday… keke…. Wishing them the best!! <3<33

  2. When i finished watching Romantic n idol season 1, i’m looking forward to season 2 whether there’ll be another Hyungsik ❤ coz i've been missing him so much. Kekeke
    To my dismay, after watching until episode 3 season 2, i'm absolutely sure that none of the male casts is like him or at least resembles his attitude..OMG..

    Hyungsikk!! You are still the best!

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