My Top 10 Catchy K-pop song for Non-kpop

kpop-jpgFyi, catchy song is a song that grabs you instantly, with an easy to remember melody line or generic lyrics you can easily relate to, or remember. Or a song you can’t get out of your head, regardless if you like it or not. If beauty is in the eye of beholder, so does catchy song is in the ear of audiences. Below are the list of song that most of my non-kpop colleague and family instantly addicted to.

10. GLAM – I Like That

9. Sistar – Give It To Me

8. Lee Hyori – U Go Girl

7. Wonder Girl – Nobody

6. Sistar – Loving U

5. 2NE1 – Please Don’t Go

4. SHINee – Ringdingdong

3. Rania – Dr. Feel Good

2. Secret – Madonna

1. CNBLUE – Loner

Plus, the most favorite song for drama addict:
Korean childrens song – Three Bear Song

P.S : I didn’t include Psy’s Gangnam Style cos its already worldwide known.


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