The Romantic & Idol ost. & BGM compilation


One of the reason why I love this show is cos they chose sweet, and romantic songs/ instrumentals for the BGM. I compiled almost all the song in the show, pardon if I missed some songs. If you happen knw more song on this show, please share it on the comment section, thank you in advance. Click on the title for the link (either download link or youtube link). So here you go ^^ :

Prologue : The Verve – Bitter Sweet symphony

Ost part 1 : Two Month – The Romantic
Ost part 2 : Jeongyub (Brown Eyed Souls) – I want to Kiss
Ost part 3 : Navi – I Think You’re My Love
Ost part 4 : ZE;A – Beautiful Lady

PS : Please give CREDIT PROPERLY when u take out my post, kindly linkback to my original post.

Ep. 1 : “First Meeting”

1. Coldplay – Viva La Vida [1st opening]
2. Take That – Greatest Day [2nd opening]
3. 4Minute – Volume Up [Nam Jihyun’s intro]
4. Rainbow – To Me [Oh Seungah’s intro]
5. Fiestar – Vista [Jei’s intro]
6. AOA – Get Out [Shin Hyejung’s intro]
7. 2PM – Hands Up [Jun. K’s intro]
8. ZE;A – Aftermath [Park Hyungshik’s intro]
9. MBLAQ – This is War [Mir’s intro]
10. JJ Project – Bounce [JB’s intro]
11. Lenka – The Show [Shuffle choice preview]
12. The Verve – Bitter Sweet symphony [Preview of the casts date at Jeju island]
13. Byul (Ost. Full House) – I Think I Love You [1st meeting place preview a scene from Full House, and Hyungsik & Jihyun’s 1st meeting BGM]
1st date14. Jo Sungmo – To Heaven [2nd meeting place preview, a subway scene from Jo Sungmo – To Heaven MV]
15. Pinocchio – Meet You Again [3rd meeting place preview, a cafe scene from Reply 1997]
16. Ost. Pasta – Destiny [4th meeting place, a crossroad scene from Pasta]
17. Sweet Sorrow – First Date [All the casts arrived at the date place]
18. Penguin Cafe Orchestra – Perpetuum Mobile [Jihyun first arrived at the cinema, interview]
19. The Ting Tings – Great DJ [Hyejung first arrived at the crossroad, interview]
20. Hans Zimmer (Ost. The Holiday) – Cry (Maestro) [Mir & Hyejung’s 1st meeting on the crossroad]
21. Coffee Prince ost. 1 – Lalala, it’s love [Seung Ah first arrived at the cafe]
22. Every Single Day (Ost. Golden Time) – Cold [JB arrived at the cafe]
3rd date23. Two Month – The Romantic [Jun. K & Jei’s 1st meeting on the subway]
24. Joa Band – Dear Polar Bear (Earth campaign song, Lozik Remix)
25. Fiestar – Sweet Love [Jun. K & Jei’s date on the train]
4th date
26. Rainbow – Sweet [JB & Seung Ah’s date on the street, eating ddeokbokki]


27. 4Minute (Ost. Personal Taste) – Creating Love [Hyungsik’s “Im going to be a bit rude, noona..” scene.]

am goin to be a bit rude nuna

28. Song Hye Kyo (Ost. Full House) – Sya la la [JB & Seung Ah’s date on the street, arcade game & first mission]

sya la la
29. Zitten – Sunshine [Hyungsik & Jihyun exchanging phone no, all the members leaving for Jeju]
30. The X-files theme [Stay or Change mystery, lol xD ]

Ep. 2 : “What is Love that’s Meant To Be?”

1. Jeongyub (Brown Eyed Souls) – I want to Kiss [Opening]
2. Brown Eyes – With Coffee [1st song inside the car, depart to the guesthouse]
3. Brown Eyes – Already One Year [2nd song inside the car, sing it together, “I believe in.. I believe in your mind~..”]
I believe in..
4. Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger [3rd song, while discussing who sent change or stay’s text message]
5. Scouting For Girls – I need a holiday [we all do need holiday.. ^^ arrived at the guesthouse]
The Romantic & Idol 2
6. Dickpunks – One sided love [grocery shopping with natural-skinship-oppa]
7. Peppertones (Feat. Mocca Arina)- ABC [Making dinner preparation]
8. Jeff Bernat – Call You Mine [Jun. K’s song shuffle]
9. Park Hyosin – Gift [Hyungsik’s song shuffle]
10. The Nuts – She’s My Love [Mir’s song shuffle]

Ep. 3 : “A Heart for One Person”

1. Navi – I Think You’re My Love [Opening & After the PD gave the Love letter mission]
2. Asoto Union – Think bout chu[JB’s song shuffle]
3. Westlife – Swear it Again [Jun.K’s love letter interview]
4. Jeongyub (Brown Eyed Souls) – I want to Kiss[Jihyun’s love letter revealed]
5. FT.Island – Confession [Necklace shuffle: When the PD told the girls to choose the necklace]
6. One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful [Jun.K & Hyejung’s date preview after the necklace shuffle]
7. Dalmatian – The Romantic (accoustic ver.) [Jun.K & Hyejung’s date on the beach]
8. Shin Sekyung – You’re sweet [JB & Jei meet Jun.K & Hyejung on the beach]
9. Lasse Lindh (Ost. I Need Romance 2012) – I could give you love [Hyungsik fixing Jihyun’s necklace when they were on the cafe]
10. Take That – Back For Good [Tie hair mission preview from Coffee Prince drama]
11. ZE;A – Begin with Kiss [Hyungsik & Jihyun date on the beach]
12. Kan Miyeon feat. 2PM Jun.K – Sunshine [Jun. K & Hyejung’s mission on the cafe]
13. Justin Bieber – Baby, Baby [Hyungsik & Jihyun’s dance time on the beach]
14. ZE;A – Daily Daily [Hyungsik & Jihyun’s tie hair mission on the picturesque beach ^^]
15. Owl City – Hot Air Balloon [All the casts on the deck, going to the Woo Island]
16. AOA – Happy Ending [Jun.K & Hyejung horse riding date]
17. One More Chance – Love me [Jun.K – Jei – JB love triangle on the beach]
love triangle
18. Coldplay – Viva La Vida[The guys swim while the girls filming]

Ep. 4 : “Boys’ hearts change from moment to momen”

1. Yang Yeosob (B2ST) – Look at Me Now [Opening]
2. Yoo Jaeha – Because of Love [Jun. K playing piano and sing for Hyejung on the cafe]
jun k piano
3. Yurisangja – A Blue Night on Jeju Island [Hyungsik listened to Jihyun’s Jeju island fave song]
4. Jeongyub (Brown Eyed Souls) – I want to Kiss [The girls interview for clothing shuffle]
5. Navi – I Think You’re My Love [Hyungsik & Jihyun’s 3rd destiny song, become couple again for clothing shuffle]
6. MBLAQ – This is War [Preview for next ep.]

Ep. 5 : “When We were Together, I Felt Like He was Thinking bout Someone Else..”

1. ZE;A – Beautiful Lady [Opening]
2. Jeongyub (Brown Eyed Souls) – I want to Kiss [Clothing shuffle interview]
3. 4Minute (Ost. Personal Taste) – Creating Love [Hyungsik & Jihyun date preview after they become couple again thru clothing shuffle]
4. Psy – Gangnam’s Style [Jun.K & Hyejung’s date on the car]
5. 4Minute – What A Girl Wants [Hyungsik & Jihyun’s date, ride on jet boats]
6. Urban Zakapa – I Hate You [JB & Seung Ah’s midnight confession preview]
7. ZE;A – Special Day [Hyungsik & Jihyun’s date, backhug mission]
8. Acoustic Collabo- First Love’s Melody [Mir & Jei’s backhug mission]
9. Jeff Bernat – Bonjour [Hyejung’s lullaby in the car, from natural-gentleman-oppa]
10. Song Hye Kyo (Ost. Full House) – Sya la la [Mir & Jei’s date on the museum]
11. AOA – Love is Only You [Jun. K & Hyejung’s date, horse riding]
12. 2PM – I Can’t [Jun. K & Hyejung’s backhug mission]
13. Bye Bye Sea- The Starlight is Falling [Hyungsik & Jihyun’s underwater date, on the submarine]
14. Coldplay – Paradise [Final result preview]
15. Epik High – It’s Cold

Ep. 6 : “I Made My Destiny Today!”

1. Coldplay – Paradise [Opening]
2. ZE;A – Beautiful Lady [Hyungsik & Jihyun’s date on the car]
3. Urban Zakapa – I Hate You [JB sang it when they arrived at the guesthouse]
4. Sweet Sorrow – First Date [Flashback to Mir & Hyejung’s, and Jun.K & Jei’s first meeting]
5. Exhibition – An Essay of Memories [Song shuffle preview from “Architecture 101” scene]
6. Justin Bieber – Boyfriend [Hyejung’s song shuffle]
7. ZE;A – Aftermath [Jihyun’s song shuffle]
8. Narsha – I’m In Love [Seung Ah’s song shuffle]
9. Humming Urban Stereo – Salad Day [Seung Ah chose JB during song shuffle]
10. Brown Eyed Soul – Nothing Better [Jei’s song shuffle]
11. Woo EunMi – I’d Like to Fall in Love [Mir & Jei, and Jun. K & Hyejung’s piggy back date after the song shuffle]
12. Apink Eunji & Seo Inguk (Ost. Reply 1997) – All For You [Slipper couple (Hyungsik & Jihyun)’s moonlight date]
13. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now [A series of Jun. K’s obsession scene]

Ep. 7 : When Idols Fall in Love

1. The Verve – Bitter Sweet symphony [Opening]
2. Yoon Ji Hee – feather in flight [Midnight confession BGM]
3. Brown Eyed Soul – Nothing Better [Mir’s midnight confession with Jei]
4. The Nuts – She’s My Love [flashback where Jei came out without tying her shoes properly]
5. ZE;A (Park Hyungsik ver.) – Beautiful Lady [A series of Hyungsik’s “Im-a-man-with-many-jacket” scene,ㅋㅋㅋ]
Hyungshi jacket
6. Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla [preview for last choice interview]
7. J Rabbit (Ost. Operation Proposal) – If You Love Me [Jun.K & Hyejung’s lunch time]
8. 2PM – Only You [Jun. K & Hyejung’s photo session on the beach,haa]
9. Enya – Orinoco Flow [Jun. K’s photoshoot obsession scene]
10. Nicki Minaj – Your Love [Preview during Seung Ah’s last choice interview]
11. Navi – I Think You’re My Love [Preview after Seung Ah’s interviewed]

Ep. 8 : All The Good Things Must Come To An End

1. Kent – Socker (Opening)
2. Coldplay – The Scientist
3. AOA – Happy Ending (Final selection: Jun. K <-> Hyejeong)
The Romantic & Idol 8
4. Love Actually OST – Glasgow Love Theme (Seung Ah waiting for final selection)
5. Narsha (BEG) – I’m In Love (Final selection: JB <-> Seung Ah TT__TT )
6. The Weather Forecast (일기예보) – A Doll’s Dream
7. The Holiday OST – Cry
8. MBLAQ (Scent Of A Woman OST) – You and I (Final selection: Mir <-> Jei)
9. No Reply – Never Ending Song (Unfinished Song)
10. Pearl Harbor OST – And Then I Kissed Him (Final selection: Hyungsik <-> Jihyun)
11. Ze:A – Daily Daily (Hyungsik said he’ll give Jihyun new necklace later,aaaaaw.. *blushing* o^,^o)
12. Two Months – The Romantic (R&I ost)

Check The Romantic & Idol season 2 BGM here.

PS : Please give CREDIT PROPERLY when u take out my post, kindly linkback to my original post. Thanks!!


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    • I would like to find out the song title for episode 7 preview at the end of episode 6, or at flashback after nam jihyun said that hyungsik will choose her 99%. I have been trying to find out the title of the song. it is a VERY good song 😀

  1. Hey thank u so much for yr work! It will be great reference to find those awesome songs that they have used in the show. I will just like to ask do u know what is the song used in episode 7 when they r having a flashback. It’s right after the cardigan lending part. Thanks! I try searching for it with shazam but the voice is too muffled.

  2. First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for compiling this BGM.

    I would like to find out the song title for episode 7 preview at the end of episode 6, or at flashback after nam jihyun said that hyungsik will choose her 99%. I have been trying to find out the title of the song. it is a VERY good song 😀

    • tbh, no one has figured it out, I’ve been trying to search to many korean forum/site, they also still can’t figured it out, proly it’s a new song/ indie.. the lyric is kinda,mmmh.. mess?lol.. but I’ll try to look for it again.. =)

      • Yea, I have been searching for the title too lol. I guess everybody love the song. and yea the lyric pronunciation are not clear. I even tried search using music recognizer. Is it possible to ask tvn themselves ? 😛

      • Yupz, I already asked tvn thru their twitter (chtvn & cjndrama), site ( and email, but still got no reply. I guess it’s a draft or new ost for the show,molla.. x)

      • Thx for asking tvn 🙂 I hope they reply. I notice quite a lot of ppl like that song :p hehe~~

  3. Can u tell me the name of the song when they introduce the first date again in ep 7? I love this song so much…thank you

  4. thank you so much for this!
    i really want to find the song everyone is looking for too. got me searching for a while.
    can anyone recognise the voice? 2pm jun.k?
    i have no idea.. hope someone finds the song soon

  5. I have been looking for all the songs in this show but I have no idea. Your summaries of the song list are awesome!Thank you:)

    • It’s called Beautiful Lady by ZE:A. However, the version that’s being played is by Hyunsik himself. Trying youtube-ing “Beautiful Lady – Hyungsik”

  6. Ah….seems like the BGM when the flashbacks were played is unknown to all… Sad ᅲᅲᅲ
    Please share if anyone of u manage to get it… “kamsahamnidang” ᄏᄏᄏᄏ

  7. i am so glad finding this site..daebak!!!~~
    but i really waiting for the song list of episode 8 (final episode),,because i really want know the song when Hyunsik run into Jihyun when their final decision..does anyone here know??? ohh, please tell me when you know it :)).. gomawooooo 🙂

  8. I want to know BGM episode 4, number 5. Navi – I Think You’re My Love [Hyungsik & Jihyun’s 3rd destiny song, become couple again for clothing shuffle]
    i think that sound is Ga Yoon from 4minute but i dont know title. CMIW.

    • 4Minute (Ost. Personal Taste) – Creating Love[Hyungsik & Jihyun’s 3rd destiny song, become couple again for clothing shuffle] that right song

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  10. hello, thank you for making a list of all the songs. it really helped me a lot. i hope you could have a list for ep8 as well. 😀

  11. Does anyone know the title of the song in this video?

    pls tell me, i try to look for the title but couldnt find it >”<

  12. Anyone know the song when Seungah picks JB and gives him a half back hug? It’s after Narsha – I’m in Love and an instrumental music clip…

  13. Do you have bgm as well as ost of The Romantic and Idol season 2? I really love these songs. Can you post them? Special thanks for you!

  14. Someone know the song which play in ep 8, when jun.k and hyejung chose each other and their flashback is shown.?please tell me

  15. Everyone’s been searching for the same song, I guess : the preview of episode 7’s song (at the end of ep.6) and during the part 3 of episode 7 (when flashback of the couples and what will happen next. this one a bit longer) *it’s the same song*. Even googling the lyrics wouldn’t help, since it’s not clearly pronounced. So, anybody ever tried the TrackID? Perhaps by removing the voice and sound effects (leaving only the background song) and record it to TrackID and let the app search for it, it may find the best result. I’m just suggesting though, it may help, especially for those who have fast internet connection (hey Korean fans! You guys got the fastest Internet connection in the whole world). Then don’t forget to inform us here. I might die of curiosity.

  16. Does anyone know the song/bgm starting with an instrumental at 1:00-1:40 when Yewon is deciding to choose between Minhyuk and Jonghoon? Here’s the link. Please do help me.

  17. can you tell me the song when seung ah midway selection interview?I think its an english song with a male singer.I’ve been looking it for so long..

  18. Thanks for this compilation @omonOona 🙂

    I’m looking for 1 instrumental piece that’s not listed above.
    Do you(or any of you guys) know the title of the Piano piece in Episode 1 where Hyungsik was waiting outside the cinema door and enters?
    It sounds like Adele’s Someone like you. Please help 😦

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