The Romantic (& Idol): could romance really blossom by similar tastes?not the appearance?!


So, how did I end up watch this shows? I accidentally watch the show while waiting new drama to come, and surprisingly this show is beautifully shot, with romantic script, picturesque set, beautiful casts, in word “my heart is flutter”. The show has a very romantic feel, there were plenty of heart pounding, at times, toe curling moments to spare. it’s like watching drama with your emotional involved,, it’s been a while since i felt this way, feels like wanna fall in love again,lol

tvN is really no joke, for 1st season they took place in Croatia (am loss for word to describe how beautiful the shot they took *O*), 2nd season was in Turkey, and the current season ‘The Romantic’, which featured non-celebrity bachelors and bachelorettes previously, has decided to air a spin-off, ‘The Romantic & Idol‘, for its third season. This season was in Jeju island due to the idol’s tight schedule it’s impossible to go abroad, they even have to shortened to 4 days 3 nights. The first idol season was featuring 2PM‘s Jun.K, 4minute‘s Nam Jihyun, MBLAQ‘s Mir, ZE:A‘s Hyungsik, JJ Project‘s JB, Rainbow‘s Seung Ah, FIESTAR‘s Jei, and AOA‘s Hyejeong – wrapped up filming in October on Jeju Island.


tumblr_mdwum72D0u1r64qi7These couples will be matched based on each person’s preference for what he or she considers to be an ideal setting for a date. So, it’s first episode that made my heart flutter,lol there’s nothing as awkward as first meeting, it’s time for the idols to choose their ideal first meeting place (they still don’t know who’s the other idols, so it’s really a blind first meeting date). They were given 4 choices based on 4 romantic scene in a movie :

Setting 1: The movies. The idols are shown a clip from Full House, where Song Hye Gyo meets Rain at the movie theater.

And ths couple has officialy bcme my OTP since the 1st meeting.. x)


Setting 2: The subway. Next, the idols are shown the music video to Jo Sung Mo’s To Heaven, where Lee Byung Hun encounters his love interest on the subway.

set 2

Setting 3: The cafe. A scene from tvN’s Reply 1997, where Seo In Guk’s character runs into Jung Eun Ji’s character at a cafe, then flashes onto the screen.


Setting 4: The crosswalk. Next up is the crosswalk, and the idols are shown a scene from drama Pasta, where Gong Hyo Jin and Lee Sun Gyun lock lips in the middle of a busy intersection. (too bad they skipped the kiss scene,lol)


I really liked how they selecting their dating partner by tastes and not the person’s appearance. They were given fair chances to get to know each other..cos this is just another so-called-reality-show, hope they could still remain friends after the show ended.. =)
In the end, if it were me, I would choose someone who treat me well, not by similar tastes nor the appearance. ^^

The show has announced will extend up to 8 ep, the 1st ep has started on Nov 11, every sunday, 8.50 PM, cable channel tvN.

Teaser & prologue:


The Romantic & Idol BGM

Opening : The Verve – Bitter Sweet symphony

Ost part 1 : Two Months – The Romantic

Ost part 2 : Jeongyub – I Want to Kiss

Some stills :


photos credit :


5 thoughts on “The Romantic (& Idol): could romance really blossom by similar tastes?not the appearance?!

  1. Woah i came here looking for the ost of the show and i stumbled upon alot of spoilers now i have watched up to episode 4 gosh my eyes xD

  2. argh, can’t wait fo eps5 w/ engsub, be ready for the crying scene of seungah 😥
    actually i really like the couples combination in the 1st meeting, the look sooo perfect, but after changes…well, lots of heart are broken bcoz they confused about their feeling to each other >__<
    Well, I like Jihyun+hyungsik

  3. while waiting for running man newest eps, I just clicking randomly..
    not quite sure how I ended up at the romantic and idol’s page, altho at 1st I think, “meh.. just another scripted program..” and feel quite skeptical~
    but then, after give it a try.. i really can’t stop watching, ended up spending 2 days watching until eps 5 season 2..
    it makes tiny lil butterfly in my stomach flutter it’s tiny wings~ can’t help but admiring seungah, a little bit of negative feeling to jb~
    feeling a lil… A LOT jelly with hyungsik – jihyun.. laughing at whatever mir does, (especially when he’s shouting “it’s not fair” at the 2nd taste shuffle when jihyun playing ze.a’s aftermath.. xD ) and wondering how on earth jei can fall to such a man…
    facepalm at every jun’s obsession (seriously???)… hope hyejeong can cope with that~
    a bit heartbreaking tho that they cannot continuing dating (openly)~
    especially hyungsik-jihyun.. T 3 T
    but whatever~ I’m no fans of zea, 4minute, etc.. but i will pray and hoping the best for all 8 of them~
    ah, poor kevin tho… (~ ^ ,…, ^ )~

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