[Vid|Trans] tvN E news : Yoo Inna’s 5 Secret Keywords – Part 1!

Tadaaaa~ this time I just finished trans Yoo Inna’s show from tvN E news : Yoo Inna‘s Secret Keywords (120613). If I hv time I’ll make sub for it later. I tried to trans it with the most decent words, so please excuse me for any mistake..
Watch the vid part 1 : click here


00:01 Narration : TVQX’s keyword The best Idol, IU’s keyword The national little sister, Suzy’s keyword The first love icon..

Words that symbolize the stars .. “Keywords
(In Korea, there’s called ‘top search’,referring to something that were trending that time, and keywords is tied to that someone on search.red)
But there’s not only one keyword that describes a star!
New connections to meet the stars..

Time to revealed The Star’s secret stories! ‘Secret Keywords’

00:43 Today’s Secret Keywords heroine : Elastic facial skin..voluminous body.. and voice that overflowing with aegyo!

Aegyo voice from Happy Together : “Dad are you there?Dad?Are you here Dad?”

The 3 sets of charm that has intensely captivated all men.

01:08 2012, 7th June <Queen Inhyun’s Man> Ji Hyunwoo’s sudden conffesion during CGV finale episode!
JHW : “The thing that will make menboong (mental breakdown) today is..I love Yoo Inna-ssi
01:21 That’s right, today’s (Secret Keywords) heroine is Yoo Inna!
The woman who received that unprecedented sudden confession in the entertainment industry!
Yoo Inna’s Secret Keywords exploration~ start
YIN : “Please watch it beautifully~”

Name : Yoo Inna
BOD : 7th June 1982
Height : 165cm , Weight : 44kg
Speciality : adlib, C-cup, overflowing aegyo, ‘Bageul girl’ (Baby face with glamorous body.red), and one could make JHW fall on his knees.

No.5 Yoo Inna – Ji Hyunwoo sightings :
* A witnessing story
The two was play as an affectionate lover, in Queen Inhyun’s Man!
But..was there any witness on the set?

02:36 Kim Jinwoo as Han Dongmin in QIHM (I don’t know whos voice is that,but it’s too old for KJW’s voice,lol):
(QIHM ep.7 as background)On the 7th ep. there was a scene that Kim BoongDo and Choi Heejin ride on a plane from a trip, that time was where Yoo inna grabbed JHW’s hand firmly and declared that they’re a lover!It was a scene that expressing their hidden feeling..Yoo Inna and JHW looking at each other on the eyes..brokenhearted, to be honest I felt like really jealous!

02:58 Song Jaejeong (QIHM’s Writter) :
Actually on the script theirs love line didn’t show progress this fast, on the scene I was alerted that Yoo Inna and JHW were acting suspiciously, an actor who immersed themself into the character, it means that they got into it. The two really looks good together many (peoples) think that they would work well. The director tell that the two (peoples) acting was better than the script.

03:22  But..there’s even more reliable evidence by the outsider witness? The two’s affection line didn’t begin until the press conference?!
The two speak with a friendly tone that makes reporter adds suspicion!

03:38 Ji Hyunwoo (QIHM) actor and singer :
I gave my first signed CD album to Yoo Inna-ssi.. Usually if you give a signed CD like this on a radio program that you’re working on, you’ll play their song or introduced to the listeners. (But) just received the CD only and then stay quiet, honestly (I thought)..“what the..oh so she’s like that~”ahahah

04:06 You have to talk to get to know. Love dovey feelings scene revealed! There is another?!

04:15 Radio show <Yoo Inna’s Raise the Volume> (16th April, 2012)

YIN : Queen Inhyun’s Man,,Yoo Inna”s man..today we’ll be with JHW-ssi..
it’s been a while JHW-ssi..welcome back~
JHW : ah yes,hello..
YIN : These days I heard a rumour that u’re filming a drama with a beautiful actress.. what kind of drama is it?
JHW : But Yoo Inna-ssi~.. aren’t u looking on the script too much?
YIN : ahahaha
JHW : I mean proceed this (show) well just the way it is~ waaa
YIN : Anyway In my POV, Hyunwoo-ssi is really tall,play guitar well, and also act well. someone who has alot of talents. How is it? do you like it?
JHW : No, did u speaking honestly right now?
YIN : that’s right!

04:54 This is the so-called “mildang” (milgo dang-gigi: push&pull.red) feeling for a lover?!A honey-like voice of the two.
This “xx-ssi” (insert name-ssi) is common title for the two..sweets~

05:10 But,was the two peoples fate start since in Queen Inhyun’s Man?!

(Voice from Yoo Inna’s radio program, 4th Jan)

YIN : I have met u way before u debuted with the Nuts!
JHW : Really?
YIN : yes.. The Nuts’s vocalist!You know The Nuts Main vocalist Park Joonshik!
JHW : yes!yes!
YIN : Joonshik was my friend!That time you were so tall and has small face
Play guitar well and sing well like that..So..ah!really tall,and has small face,and we’ve been went to say hello
JHW : oh that time..
YIn : yes~ ahahah was it nice to met?
JHW : waaaa..it’s really been a long time,for 10 years?
YIN : yes,really it’s been about 10 years!

05:50 The fate of this two peoples has been started since 10 years ago!
After made a romatic confession,once again JHW expressed his admission thru SNS!

06:04 Narration : You looks good together why don’t you date?
Yoo Inna-ya please think about it~

(E news interview during first press-con)

YIN : I think it’s looks good!Everything is 100 points (score) I like it, so first I’m so excited..

06:19 A hot issue, that (it) have been crowned as a romantic confession!
Yoo Inna-Ji Hyunwoo sightings is no. 5 Secret Keywords!
So what’s the no. 4 Keywords?!

~ to be continued~

There are 5 Keywords, and I just finished for no. 5 first, since it’s about YIN & JHW,heheh.. I’ll trans the rest asap..

Watch vid part 2 : click here


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