[Vid|Trans|Eng] Star Date Yoo Inna & Ji Hyunwoo Star Golden Bell…

I guess u guys already knew what current drama that has took all my attention this time,hehehe,,Yes it’s Queen Inhyun’s Man syndrome!!

First, congrats to Yoo Inna & Ji Hyunwoo now that they’re officialy has becme a couple. You don’t know how happy I am. =’) /tears of joy/

As usual, once I got hooked I’ll dig up all it’s casts varshow,lol.. This time I’ll trans Yoo Inna’s Star date back in last January,lol..
and below there’s link to JHW’s Star Golden Bell, I love how consistent JHW, he always say that he like older girl, cos older girl is in a rush (of serious relationship),lol..

Next, I’ll trans Ji Hyunwoo at Gag concert. =)

Ji Hyunwoo Star Golden Bell DL link or  streaming here (engsub) : 

Yoo In Na Star Date (31.01.2012)

“Bright & fresh appearance actress Yoo Inna”
* At the deokbokki stand
Yoo Inna’s entrance has made MC Do Kyeongwan blushing.

YIN : Please wipe it.
MC : aaaah I was surprised. I got to meet  my gf. Nice to meet u
YIN: Nice to meet u too
MC : I’ve prepared this gift for you. (the MC gave a flower bouquet). There are 14 flowers.
YIN : why? why is it 14?
MC : Bcos you’re the 15th.
YIN : kyaaaa..Thank you so much.
MC : Lets go first, there are a lot of peoples already. I didn’t know it would be snowing (눈이 올 = Nuni ol) like this.
YIN : This is our first date. That’s why it look shine (눈이 오나 = Nuni ohna).
MC : Is this what we called destiny?
After you debuted, is it hard to walking around freely like this?
Do you have trick to disguise so people won’t recognize u?
YIN : wearing hat and covered by scarf like this..
MC : covered to where?
YIN : till here.. (pointing her nose)
MC : Do they not recognize you then?
YIN : (still) They found out..
MC : They still recognizing you?
Why do you think they found out, (cos you’re) too shine?
YIN : aaah cos of my voice!wherever I am,my laugh is shocking bcos of it peoples know it’s me. (lol,her antics) xD

[Narration: In the entertainment industry Yoo Inna has certified as a fashionista!
But is that really from her own fashion sense?
The two goes shopping…]

* Inside the shop

MC : (fyi) We didn’t rent this (the shop)
[Lovey dovey atmosphere]
MC : [He jookingly chose her a legging] Don’t you have anything else you want?I’ll ask for the last time..
YIN : [sad face] It’s fine.
anonymous : If u wear the leggings, u can see nothing.
MC : See what?
anonymous : who’ll want buy that (leggings) only?
MC : Now I can’t wait,hehe..no, forget it. I’ll buy the leggings next month.
The dress we saw earlier, I think it will fit you well.
YIN : Is that so?really?then I’ll wear this (the dress). [bright face]
MC : Then go change..shouldn’t u try it on?
YIN : I think this should be fit (already) for me.
MC : I’m afraid I could never see you (wear it),then promise me..
YIN : yes..
MC: You’ll wear it on public.
YIN : okay.
MC : For real?
YIN : If you can’t find pict me wear the dress, then how if I post (upload) it?
MC : Deal.
[The MC finally bought the dress]

* Inside the cafe
[Candid talk time with Yoo Inna]
MC : It’s been a long time since I had a date, how about you?
YIN :I just really felt good (being single) in this few years, I don’t know, it’s a bit inconvenient, cos there’s so many eyes watching me now if I get around a lot.
MC : Bcause its first date,just now she’s been investigated me a bit.
YIN : Yes.
MC : We must get to know each other.
YIN : We’re same age.
MC : That’s right, we’re same age!We’re friend (same age).
[The two has synced~]
MC : We’re friend of 82’er line.
YIN :Yours (BOD) was 7th March, isn’t it?
MC : Your birthday on 7th June, that’s right, that’s right~..
MC : First, hold this..if it’s right, and (this) if it’s false.
Q : Yoo Inna has a lot of aegyo (charm)?
YIN : (Yes) to dad and bf only.
[only show her aegyo to those 2 peoples]
Everywhere I go (like this) (showing her cheek aegyo)
[cute~] [cute~]
MC : What are u doing? (blushing)
[Inna-ssi~ is really cute~]
MC : Suddenly I wonder (think) that you has a nasty eyes.
YIN : Ooh really, my eyes aren’t that nasty. You know there’s such person, this kind of person who you think like that,(but actually) really a good person, good person as a human being..then I like that person.
MC : I have this less (attractive) appearance level
YIN : (I think) You’re really look good (fine).
MC : Oh~ really..
I think (Inna) really drink pretty well.
YIN : aah really?
[Have a good drinker image?]
[Lee Hyori, Lee Minjeong, Yoo Inna..are rival in (alcohol) drinks market]
[Is it really Yoo Inna’s level(drink)?]
YIN : A really NO! Cos I don’t drink the soju, I can’t drink soju.
MC : Then what are you drink, rice whine?
YIN : Yes,hahaha
[Yoo Inna’s favorite drink is soju + rice whine]
[aaa embarrassed ~]
[Become known with a lovely image]
[Actress Yoo Inna’s real desire]
MC : you just told me your activities..
YIN : aaah yes, (I’m going to filming) kind of a romantic comedy movie. (I suppose she refer this to QIHM].
MC : Who is your role model?
YIN : I think Lee Misook sunbaenim is the best. Because she show perfection in every of her works, that’s my pov.
[Lee Misook cry, touched]
MC : Please say your ending words.
YIN : Everyone happy new year, hope you always be happy and stay healthy, thank you.
[A happy date has ended]

[The production team greets Yoo Inna in her radio show]
[showing off her dress that MC Do Kyeongwan bought for her]
Q : How do you feel when you was offered to be a radio DJ?
YIN : I thought I would like to try to be a DJ for once. I’ve always wanted to be a DJ.
[apparently todays guest is Alex]
Q : What kind of person is Yoo Inna?
Alex : As a DJ she’s doing good, but I don’t like (hate) her as a person. (joke)
YIN : oppa!! xD
Alex : Knowing her after few months,really don’t like her, I don’t like. tehee..
[Inna is the best ^^d]
YIN : This has been “Yoo Inna’sVolume The radio“, you’ll addicted once you stay tune to it.

-The End-

This has been me ~omonOona~


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