[Video|Trans] Healing camp ep. 3 with Jisung (08.01.2011)

I’m having Jiheon syndrome after watching Protect The Boss, and this recent show just made me more crazy about him. Let’s get to know Cha Jiheon in real life. (not much different I must say) xD

Healing Camp is an outdoor talk show hosted by Lee Kyung Gyu, Kim Je Dong, and actress Han Hye Jin (under the same management agency with Jisung).
I don’t sub this show cos it takes time to sub it alone, thanks to Blue she already shared complete recaps for the show. Please visit her blog for the full recaps: Healing camp ep. 3 recaps.

# First segment is Ji Sung’s first self-praise: “I’m well-mannered!”

Because both his parents were educators, Ji Sung explains that they were very strict with him about having good manners. Since he was young, he called his parents “eomoni” (mother) and “abeoji” (father), as opposed to the more casual “umma” (mom) and “appa” (dad).

As a child, he gasped from shock when he went over to his friend’s house and heard his friend speaking to his parents with banmal (casual speech), when he had always used respective speech to his own parents. Lee Kyung Gyu comments that his family sounds like one from a sageuk. And he reacts with greater shock when Ji Sung explains that he used to kneel in front of his dad when his father spoke.

# second self-praise: “Since returning from military service, I’ve gained more confidence in acting.”

Ji Sung made a cameo in a movie with Kwon Sang Woo and Song Seung Hun when he was first discharged from the army. Although they’re his friends, when Ji Sung saw them again on set, he felt nervous like he was encountering celebrities for the first time and needed to get their autographs.

The second segment of the show is about getting to know yourself by how you are portrayed to others.

In this segment, the guest can also have the food of his choice. Ji Sung’s pick – ramen!

When Ji Sung first made his debut in the drama KAIST (1999), he had weighed 85 kg. He believed that a man should have a good physique, but when he actually appeared on TV, he realized that the TV made him look not like someone with a good physique, but just fat.

The next manager he met suggested that Ji Sung do two things: 1) change his name, and 2) lose some weight.

He lost 13 kg in 3 weeks by not eating, and just working out. (So unhealthy!)  But one day, he was eating a salad and his manager was eating ramen right next to him. After the manager was done eating, there was some soup left and Ji Sung grabbed the bowl to have some of the soup. But before he could have a single sip, the manager smacked the bowl from his hands.

He was so pissed – all he wanted was to try a bite of that ramen! And so he didn’t speak to his manager for the next two days.

Ji Sung has his own way of cooking ramen. He mixes ramen from two different brands, one that is spicy and another that is seafood flavored. As he takes a lick of the ramen soup powder, he smiles, “Just the sight of the ramen powder makes me happy.”

And how did his ramen turn out? Oops, he added too much water! The MCs decide to just play along that Ji Sung’s ramen turned out absolutely delicious!

While the guest eats, the hosts read comments left by viewers on reasons why they like or hate Ji Sung. Before they can even start, Ji Sung is already busy taking a bite of the ramen. He wasn’t kidding when he said he loves ramen, when Kim Je Dong reads the reason why one person said he doesn’t like Ji Sung. “Ji Sung is a good actor, but he doesn’t have many hit movies or dramas.”

Upon hearing the comment, Ji Sung stops eating and says, “Oh, I really can’t swallow the food.” He tries to explain that whatever the ratings may be, all his past works are precious to him. But he admits that as soon as he heard the comment, his brain went, “Huh? I don’t have any hit dramas?”

Still reading comment reasons why they like or hate Ji Sung.  Ji Sung takes another bite of the ramen, but this time, Han Hye Jin reads a viewer’s comment on why he likes Ji Sung. “Ji Sung changes his image with every new project, so I like that he seems like a quality actor.” Upon hearing this new comment, Ji Sung’s face brightens up and he can’t hide his happiness.

Han Hye Jin reads another compliment, as one viewer shares she likes how Ji Sung seems to be a good on-screen kisser.

Ji Sung had a kissing scene in all his past projects, but he was asked to choose the most memorable one. He picks his kiss with Kim Min Jung in New Heart. In the scene, Kim Min Jung’s character was awaiting result from a HIV test and Ji Sung’s character kisses her to show that he won’t avoid her.

Ji Sung says he envies veteran actors who do kissing scenes well because they’re able to convey the subtle feelings of that moment when the characters first realize they’re in love with each other. Even when their eyes meet in the middle of eating ramen…

Personally, he thinks the male actors should show their chiseled jaw in the kissing scenes.

The MCs ask Ji Sung and Han Hye Jin to demonstrate a kissing scene.

Han Hye Jin: With me?
Ji Sung: Then who do I do it with? Do I kiss the air by myself?

Still another viewer shares that she likes how Ji Sung’s smile makes her heart flutter.The hosts ask him to demonstrate such a smile (FAINT!!).

Han Hye Jin also says that Ji Sung seems like the type who would have a lot of aegyo (act cute) in front of his girlfriend. Ji Sung acknowledges that he does. For example, he puffs air into his cheeks. (DIED AFTER HEALING FROM FAINT)

Another viewer says Ji Sung seems like he’d sing to his girlfriend over the phone. Ji Sung again acknowledges that he does at night before going to bed. At first, he sang passionately, but he later started to think that singing thus might not sound too good over the phone. So instead, he changed his tactic and started singing more softly when singing to her over the phone.

to be continue, there are 4 more parts~ brb,having Jisung syndrome. xDD

recaps credit : Blue@belectricground

Video credit : omonoona / noonacorner@youtube

part 4

part 5 to 7 uploaded to my dailymotion account.

Part 5

Incase youtube blocked the video, watch it using this site


copy and paste the youtube link into the site. =)


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    • I’ll prolly sub this next month, won’t promise tho, got lot of proj to do =\

      And also, cos am not a native,dun expect for high quality sub, but I’ll try xDD

      Yeaaah..finally found Jisung’s fans!!! but I still feel so lonely spazzing alone on my twitter, no one love him,sobs TT____TT

      • ^^
        me too… I don’t know why fans of Ji Sung sii too little.. so poor for him…

        maybe, all drama before PTB not populer… but it not this mean all drama aren’t good… they realy great!! New heart, Royal Family…( did you watch it??) only not funny like PTB!!

        I realy feel sad for him… I wish he can famoust more than now, because he realy great actor!! ( some actor, I thinks they not have skill acting, but they still famoust more than Ji Sung… Ji Sung is actor no lucky…)

        p/s: my english not good… so sorry~~

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