We Got Married “Sweet Potato Couples” will be back this Saturday??

status MBC di twitter:

“@fannyluluu @ilabeu Oh.. Hi. WGM will be broadcasted on saturday. but It will be re-editing.

Secercah harapan!!
Im gonna die! no WGM for 2 weeks…
“i was tweeting them, i actually begged them to air WGM and that’s what they said, and i asked them again what the hello does re-edit mean? since WGM is already edited and they will edit it again, i was confused (since i thought its a re editing of a certain episodes) lol, but then they are going to compile all the episodes and squeeze them. PLEASE GIVE US NEVER SEEN BEFORE FOOTAGE than repeating those episode that i repeated a billion times already.”

mudaha2an bkn cm !!

cr : ilovesnowwhite @soompi [this post has been edited by omonoona@CNBSTORM]

cre : DC + princess_jamie, shared by zahieyjunki @ soompi

re-upped by omonoona@cnbluestorm


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