Super Junior Trivia – Just another quiz ^______^

You can call yourself an ELF after you answer this questions..
kekekekekekekekeke.. ^__________^
Let’s start!!!
Q1. Why was geng missing from one of neorago performances on music core? (Kenapa Hankyung ga dateng waktu perform nya Neorago di Music Core?)
Q2. Who were shown taking a both / shower on the VCR of super show I? (Member mana yang di VCR nya Super Show I lagi adegan mandi??)
Q3. In which sushow II did heenim transform into SNSD leader Taeyeon? (di Super Show II mana Heenim niru jadi Leader nya SNSD Taeyon??)
Q4. Who were wearing reading glasses in SPAO ads? (mention at least three) (Siapa yang pake kacamata di iklan nya SPAO??min. 3 orang!)
Q5. In the outtakes of Seoul commercial, Kangin was promoted from lightings to cameraman. TRUE / FALSE?(Di dalam iklan Seoul, Kangin di promosikan dari bagian lighting jadi kameraman.BENAR/SALAH??)
Q6. The boys started the third album promotion with “SORRY, SORRY” and “RESET”. TRUE / FALSE? (SUJU memulai promosi album ke tiga nya dengan single “Soryy-sorry” dan “RESET”. BENAR/SALAH??)
Q7. What song(s) were playing when Leeteuk and Shindong DJ’ed on the outtakes of Seoul commercial? (Lagu apa yang diputar ketika Leeteuk dan Shindong menjadi DJ di iklan Seoul??)
Q8. What’s the title of the song did the composer of Kyuhyun’s solo “7 Years of Love” compose for 3jib album?(Apa judul lagu yang dibuat oleh komposer solo nya Kyuhyun “7 years of Love” untuk album ke tiga SUJU??)
Q9 Neorago is a big hit fr the 3jib album. Many artists r using it as their callback tone, one of whom is Lee Junki. TRUE/FALSE? (Neorago merupakan salah satu lagu hit di album ke tiga. Banyak artis yang menggunakannya sebagai callback ringtone, salah satu nya adalah Lee Junki. BENAR/SALAH??)
Q10. Kyuhyun’s bed song is basically “Believe” only with modified lyrics. TRUE / FALSE? (Pada dasar nya lagu selamat tidur nya Kyuhyun adalah lagu “Believe” yang hanya digubah lirik nya saja. BENAR/SALAH??)
Q11. The boys appeared in two Seoul commercials as part of the “Infinitely Yours, Seoul” promo. They said “Seoul is…”??(di dua iklan Seoul “Infinitely Yours, Seoul”. SUJU bilang “Seoul itu…”??)
ANSWER 1 & 2
Q12. On super show II, Heenim once changed the chants in “gee” from “I say ‘HEE’ you say ‘SICA'” to…?(di Super Show II, Heenim pernah mengganti yell nya dr ” I say ‘HEE you say ‘SICA’..” menjadi..??)
Q13. Heechul, Shindong and Kangin once admitted that the thought of quitting the group came across their mind. TRUE/FALSE?(Heech ul,Shindong, dan Kangin prnh mengakui kalau mereka pernah sempat berpikir untuk berhenti dr grup. BENAR/SALAH??)
Q14. Who’s this blurry masked young man?? (Siapa kah pria yang samar2 bermasker ini??)

Q15. WHO’S MISSING?? out of 13 members (Siapa yang hilang diantara ke 13 member??)


This is just a quiz..
Have Fun.. ^_________^

credit : TwElfs @ Twitter

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