Hello world!

Welcome to noonacorner.wordpress.com.


My name is Henna (i’m a female) but u just can call me nna..^^

kekekekekekEke.. XD

I made this blog just want to share all about Korean,  u can leave comment here but without bashing okay?!

Coz this is not an antis blog!!

Leave comment here with peacefully, coz we’re here for make a friendship..U can also exchange your personal webs, facebook, twitter, youtube, soompi account etc. to make further friendship..^^

Here’s my account :

– Facebook : nna_cocktailerz@yahoo.com

– Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/omonOona

– Sompi : omonOona (luvlynna08@gmail.com)

– Youtube : nnaluvkyu

– SJworld : omonoona

Let’s make a friends here..

Nice to know you all.. ^^

~with Love ~


3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. chukkae nna onnie buat blog barunya !!
    yg rajin yah update beritanya !!
    *dgampar nna onn*


  2. nae,gOmawo uri dOngsaeng! ^_~

    hO oh..rajin apdEt,asL jgn request yg anEh2?!
    *grOgotin paLa dOngsaeng! XO
    bntUin apdEt dOnk!kLu cm sndr,nmpak g bkaL sgup apdEt tiap hr?! -,-

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